Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playground and Pools

Since it has gotten nice out this week we have been taking daily walks to the playground to climb on the stairs and go down the slides. Petey isn't as sure about the big slide as he is about the little one at home, but he still laughs when he goes down. 

Hanging out in the tower.
He also has started to really like going swimming- I admit it- he wasn't into it before but he didn't hate it either! Now he laughs, splashes, puts his face in the water and loves to "jump" off of the wall.
He also demonstrated that he still floats! I think that his little belly looks so funny in this picture- it is all puffed up and full of air- usually he doesn't have one at all! What a little monkey.
The tulips are coming up, the seeds have been started for my garden and I have sunflowers that are 1 foot tall and are ready to be transplanted when it gets warm! I love spring.


vivida said...

He's looking so big in those photos.

vivida said...

BTW, your hats match. ;)

Deb said...

Love the new pics. Pretty funny that Petey likes to eat dirt, he is such a boy!