Friday, January 29, 2010

First week at home

We survived our first week at home! Pete went to day care for 4 days and stayed with me on Friday, it went really well and I am planning on keeping him with me next week on Thursday adn Friday which will be really fun! He is mimicking noises like crazy which is cute and fun- he can make sounds like "up", "ball", "dog", "mam" "dad" "ooo" "eeek" Oh, well he does that one on his own. He loves to also play with the shades in our rooms lifting them to see outside and then puts them down.

Work was hard to start- things weren't working on computers and I didn't know how to do things, but life is slowly getting sorted out and I am ready to start to spend time working on getting to know the students and explaining concepts to them. I am not ready yet to say if I like the job or not for now.

I am working tonight at the restaurant, Garrick is doing another ski race this weekend and my parents are hopefully going to visit as well- It's been a few weeks since they have seen the munch. Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the snow!

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Missy said...

I love his teeth and his cute little smile :) Looks like you finally got a picture with the bear too. We can't wait to see you next weekend. Let me know what time it starts and maybe we can find a meeting spot! Wilson went skijoring, it was very very fun but he can only follow other dogs too..we'd have two dogs going in circles if Wils and Scout went out together...ha!