Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wheelie buggin'

We were able to extend our Christmas all of the way to New Year's Day! Greg and Linka came to visit, play games and ski. It was SO cold that day, so we didn't ski, but we did the rest- it was just a really fun visit and we had so much fun with them and Petey loved showing off his favorite things!

Christmas with the Holey's
Petey got a wheelie bug for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma Holey. He loves it, we love it- Scout- not not much! As you can see, Pete can now steer and can get where ever he wants to be whenever he wants to! His old puch toy wasn't on casters so he'd get stuck and have to back up and try again. He likes to go for rides on it too, but just can't quite touch the floor yet.
My winter clothes line!

Last weekend, when it was so cold we went to LaCrosse and made a stop at this store  (I was in heaven! Cloth diapers, all natural baby toys and fun clothes! We will be going back once I think of something that we need... Seriously, I could spend so much time and money here.) They had bumGenius, bummis covers and prefolds, and some fitted dipes. I loved seeing the newborn dipes- they would fit so much trimmer on an teeny baby like Petey was than what we used in the beginning.(Maybe someday...) They had also toys out for the babies to play with and one was a wheelie bug- Pete's eyes lit up- he knew exactly what to do with it. You could tell they were totally cool with the kids running all over the store. I think they also have classes and music groups- I can't wait until the summer when Peter and I can go and chill with the cool kids in LaCrosse Okay- enough about Cutie Patootie- BUT it was so cool! :)

-Raring to go-
This is what he looked like at the store- he was running over other babies that were bigger than him!

Our last night with our tree.
 Before we took to down, we let him crawl in it and play with all of the lights, stick them in his mouth (for just a second!) and get full of sap.

Finn and Peter- 10 months
At the end of break, Finn came over to play. Peter was a great share-er and let Finn play with his ball, slide and bat. They spent time watching eachother and Pete showed Finn how to slide- Finn was into it by the end of the visit- these little boys are going to be trouBBBle- if one doesn't know how to make mischief the other is going to teach!

I took this after church on Sunday. He loves to lay on the floor (or stand) and play with all of the tubes and cords (pump, computer, printer) and he knows that he isn't supposed to be doing this, but he just grins at me and waits for me to come and grab him- what a stinker!

Me and my Munch
I just love this little boy so much- I have been thinking about the past year and how much has changed. Sometimes when I'm talking to friends who don't have kids, I think how easy it is to do whatever, whenever- and that their lives at more exciting than mine- {I mean really- a diaper store is THAT cool?} but I don't mind that now I have to run at the Y since it's dark when Petey is in bed (Garrick is out skiing in the dark right now so that Lindsay and I could ski this afternoon), that dinner is rushed sometimes because he is done eating, that I didn't get a full night's sleep for a while- BUT I was grateful when we started to do that too at an early age, or that a great night is playing peek-a-boo, reading the Lorax, snuggling Peter to sleep and then playing a game and getting a good redbox!  We are so excited for the years to come with our little family- I am so blessed to have all 3 of my boys in my life (Scooter too!)!
Stay tuned for more excitement this year-looking back we've done a lot!

You are all in our thoughts and prayers every day!


vivida said...

oh my....lookit that boy go! I love how he makes the turn on his own. And look at those cute overalls. He is a man on a mission.

vivida said...

I love you all, too. :) :D

Reghann and Chris said...

oh my gosh guys...your little boy is adorable! toooo cute! i hope you dont mind that i follow your blog...i saw it the other day when i was checking out amy and chris' blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

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