Monday, January 18, 2010

A journey...

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This was our starting point in our kitchen. Cool old cabinets that had a really low counter top, stains and a awesome old sink that was impossible to keep clean and unrealistic. Walls had never been painted and had grease stains and was the darkest and smallest room in the house. From this point we painted, fixed the sink so that it wasn't draining into a bucket (instead it drained into the basement floor drain via a sump pump hose) and put brighter lights in. This was useable for quite a while. THEN...

The cabinets were pulled out and put into the living room as our entertainment center.

We gutted the entire room (and the room above).

And things started to get put back together- we got a new sink, a dishwasher that you had to hold onto when unloading/loading dishes so that it didn't tip over and had a few little tables to use as our counters. This worked really well. All of those nights that I was working at the Blackhorse waitressing and bartending Garrick was working in the basement (or was at Menards hopefully spending less than I made) building me a beautiful kitchen. He also took down a 3 story chimney and ripped out the wall between the dining room and kitchen to make one huge beautiful room and added french doors going out to our fenced in backyard and has refinished all of the floors! (See post: My husband, the stripper)
This is the final set of cabinets that were installed this week. They still need doors, but they are SO nice! We just need to add a backsplash, a half-million doors and a few shelves above the stove.

Here is the almost finished product- (mom I realize I should have cleaned up a little before I took this pic, but oh well! I'll clean and get fruit and flowers when we are featured in This Old House)

Pretty nice, HUH?

Also, this was made for my ease so that I am no longer climbing up on the counters...

How lucky am I that I have a husband who can do all of this?

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vivida said...

It's an unbelievable transformation; and, yes, you can see the old floor in one of those pictures. It looks great, Garrick.