Monday, May 4, 2009

Pete's Dad: the amish farmer

Peter loves the warm weather! We had a busy week- my mom came to visit and we had a fun day of hiking and playing with the babe and the dogs... I waitressed one night and pete and garrick bonded- they worked in the garage doing manly things... it is getting so warm and sunny out and we are spending more time outside which is so nice!... Peter is officially rolling over. Some days he doesn't do it, but some he will flip over again and again, he tilts his head and the rest of him follows... Garrick and I are biking and running quite a bit too- winona is great becuase there are multiple rides that can be met up with throughout the week!

Here he is by the tulips outside- He is scrunched up a little bit, but the flowers are real big.

So tired- it is hard work to be a baby!

Garrick and Mike (our nextdoor neighbor) decided that the grass between our driveways was no good. As a result they tore up all of the grass, tilled the packed dead dirt, planted grass seed and made a little path between our two houses! (The caution tape serves two purposes: 1. To keep me out of the mud, I have a hard time backing up sometimes... 2. To keep our neighbor Hunter who is a 6 year old biking wonder out of the mud...) This is a picture of Mike and Garrick with the 100 year old contraption that they used for this job. AMAZING

Here is Pete at 10-11 weeks with his bear. Refer to the March posts to compare growth- he may not be growing width wise, but is definetely growing lengthwise! As my mom would say- what a little munch! :) He used to be smaller than the bear, I'm waiting for the day that he is picking up the bear and eating it.

We also went up to the Twin Cities to see Pete's California cousin Benj who was visiting. Benjamin is 1 1/3 years old and runs all around, talks in his own language and is so fun to be around! We hung out at Grandma's house and went to the zoo. Add this is Pete's "can do" list: RIDING HORSES! We rode the big carousel just like a big kid! Bobby and Ben are in the background. He also was climbing trees in the conservatory- we snapped that picture real quick before he climbed down.

We have been spending lots of time outside planting flowers and plants in the gardens and I have been trying to finish painting the last side of the garage that I should have done 2 years ago... oopps. This is Pete and Scout's contribution to this process.


vivida said...

beee-u-tiful....the flowers as well as the babe!

Leo said...

Erin and Garrick- your baby is SO adorable!

love to you all!

Molly said...

aww... erin! pete is sooo cute:) you have got to get him over to indee soon! miss you!