Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Big smiles in his car seat! He now makes faces and smiles responsively. I love it.

First, for those of you who are wondering, Garrick's grass is growing. You would think that with everything he's done to the house, grass wouldn't be a big deal, but he came running upstairs one

morning after the grass sprouted over night.

On Saturday, my school threw a baby shower for Pete and Chloe- one of my teammate's new baby- there was lots of games, food and everyone loved holding the two babies. Pete finally looked like a "big kid."

On Mother's Day, we went for a nice hike, went to church where we were asked if I went to the store and got a new baby this week, and went to the "dog party" (I had to take care of my other baby :) ) It was a real nice day. Pete got me a sprinkler, plant waterer (like they use at garden centers) and a nice bowl for our fruit that we always have out. I really thought a lot about a) how lucky I am to be a mom to a happy, healthy baby and that I am really blessed. and b) how much I am lucky to have such a great mom (and dad) myself. I didn't think that I could love her more until I had my own kid.

This is the dog park- it is the field behind the tech school- I think that there were 50 dogs there this week- CRAZY, there were St. Bernards and Great Danes and Scouts and there were also some little tiny rat terriers and chihuhuas (sp??). Fun fun fun.

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