Wednesday, May 20, 2009

river rat

We almost named Peter TOM because we really liked the name, but also because it would be fun for a kid to grow up on the Mississippi River with that name- we think it would have been real funny now with his friend Finn... Anyhow, we live really close to the bridge that goes to WI, so Pete and Scout and I all loaded up in the jogger and leashed up and took our first journey by foot to a new state! Pete has been to WI before, but never by foot power. I think we got some funny looks as we were walking over to the beach. But we had so much fun, Scout swam and swam and swam and ran around like a crazy dog and Pete napped in the shade, put his feet in the water and watched Scout. We also saw a watersnake go swimming by. I was scared, but Pete and Scout weren't. Then Scout kicked some dirt in Pete's face, oops, and we got cleaned up, stopped crying and headed back home. All in all, a successful trip.
Pete and I posing for a picture, Scout wanted to be in it too!

Scout swimming with the bridge in the background.

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vivida said...

the picture of relaxation....he looks so pretty resting on that log. I wish I could be there sitting along The River with him. :)