Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fluffy butt

If you've talked to me you know I really love Pete's cloth diapers!! It is SO much easier than I thought it was going to be, they are so cute, and he is so cute in them... Here are a few pics of him the other night just hanging out and getting a bottle from me for a change (that is usually Garrick's job!).

He is officially 4 months old now. He is still an itty boy, but is growing a little bit each week! We are at 24.5 inches long (75%) and 12 pounds (10%). Looks like he's going to be like Garrick. While he is small, he is sticking with the game with the things he can do!
Pete can:

Smile when he's spoken to.

Roll from his tummy to his back

Hold up most of his weight on his feet- no balance at all though!

Suck his thumb

Grab toys dangling above him on his play mat

Roll from his back to his stomach

He is so squirmy that we find him in strange places on the floor and in strange positions in his swing

He's our little munch- if you haven't seen him lately- give us a call! We'd love to visit!

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