Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pete does Madison! LOTS of pictures...

We've been all over the place in the past few weeks- which is why we haven't had a blog update for a while! First, we went to Madison over Memorial Day weekend to run the Mad City 1/2 marathon. We went to the expo/packet pickup and got to see a special girl! Kimberly was home and met us with her sister, Erin, in Madison for the day. It was so fun to see her- she lives too far away.
We had lunch and went to the capitol. We were looking for the observatory deck and saw about 12 of these signs along the way: *You can click on the picture to make it bigger- but it says, stairway closed to observation deck- use NW stairs...*

Then we finally saw this:

And then we saw this (I'm pretty sure this was the ONLY time I held Pete that day...):

Then we ran the 1/2 marathon... Pete watched with my mom and dad and rode around Madison in the Chariot and cheered for mom and dad. Cute story: Mom was cheering for me and yelling "go mommy" while holding Pete- a lady running near me said, 'that's a cute baby' and I said thanks- and she was like- that's YOUR baby- he's tiny! :) (Garrick ran a 1:36 and I ran a 1:49!!! Good times for both of us!)

Here Grand-Dan and Pete are hanging out looking like twinners. And grandma and pete are cheering on Garrick who is running SO fast that he is blurry.

Then we had a quiet week at home- I was WAY too sore after the race to do too much and Garrick was a little sore- and I got some real cute pictures of Pete one morning that it was cloudy out.

Then we went BACK to Madison for Race for a Cure- we've been going every year for the last 10+ years. It is so nice to go and support my mom- cancer free for 14 years now- and let her be 'princess for a day.' We love her so much! Garrick couldn't go- he got to go to New York City for a stained glass conference- so Pete and I went to Grandma Mooze's house for 5 days! Pete ran his first race and beat me by 1 second! He is so speedy! :)
Here is the whole crew that came out to run:

Grandma and her running babies... :)

After the race, we went to Matt's house and played in the yard and watched Grand-Dan do a speedy lawn-mow and then got to spend some time with cousin Jack and his aunt and uncle! Matt got him to laugh and laugh and laugh- it was so cute. JAck is also getting so big- he is almost walking and plays so nice!
We also went to Devil's Lake one night for dinner- Pete slept the whole time- I'm not sure if it counts as an "official" visit but it was nice to go there- it is one of our favorite places in the whole world- it's where we got married!
Other things that we did were: take the dogs for LOTS of walks and swims, Dad and I went swimming to get ready for TRINONA, saw our friends Kristen and Kendall and ate hotdogs with Nancy, Dennis and Bryce one night, visited Great-grandma Quill and spent lots of time playing and singing songs. Pete's new best thing is watching people (grandma mooze) sing songs and make movement with their hands.


vivida said...

look at those long legs... of course he is going to be a skier ;) or maybe a HS cross country coach

Matt said...

MOM! You KNOW that you don't need long legs to be a runner; or a cross country coach. Shame on you!! :)

vivida said...

LOL, Matt