Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garrick's BACK!

Garrick was gone all of last week in New York.

He had a lot of fun, learned a bunch of new- actually old stained glass stuff from people all over the world.
Pete and I were in Baraboo (that was all in the previous post though.)

Once he got back we took a family trip back over the interstate bridge to take the kids swimming- well we just dipped Pete's feet, Scout actually swam...

The other fun thing that we've started to do this week is putting Pete in the boppy and letting him look around. We have a top that he likes to watch spin.
The only problem is that once in a while he starts to disappear...

Finally, here Pete is sitting like a big kid next to his bear. (16 weeks i think??) He is still in the 0-3 month clothes, but the sleepers are all starting to get a little too short for him...
Some may be put away this week and we'll move onto our next set of big kid clothes. 

Also, please vote on Pete's future profession- I think that he has promise for them all- reasons- A. Breakdancer- you should see him scoot across the floor when he is kicking- he moves all over the place!
B. Fireman- diaper changes... enough said!
C. Astronaut- He spends a lot of time looking at the sky- I think he wants to go out there someday
D. Doctor- He is really smart and always makes me feel better!
E. Olympic CC skier- Lonnngg legs, already is beating me in races and likes to help Garrick around the house!

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vivida said...

Love the pic with his Party hat on! His hair color is the same as the Bear's now. :)