Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creeping Crawling and Climbing

That's what I've been up to! I can get where ever I need to go, but sometimes I end up under and chair or a table and then my mom has to come over and pull me out because I get a little disoriented. I do like to hide under the coffee table though and play peek-a-boo with her.

She also got a big cushion- I think it used to be Scout's bed!- for me to play on. I really like crawling around on it and up on pillows. I am so brave on the cushion because it doesn't hurt when I fall and it is acutally fun to crash once in a while. Sometimes I get too crazy and then I fall off of the edge- lucky for me it isn't too far down and mom is usually nearby to scoop me back on my play area! I don't mean to cry when this happens, but it is a little surprising.

I still really like to stand and play with all of the buttons on my block. Plus, since I've grown so tall I can see out the window if I stand on my tiptoes. I always have to see what's going on when a noisy truck goes by or if Scout starts to bark at another dog.

 Today I got to have a play date with my friend Finn, I know he looks bigger than me, but he is only 2 weeks older than me. He can crawl really fast though. I took notes today and am going to practice so that I can keep up with him- he is one tough guy! I got to show him all of my cool toys, he really liked my block too and we played together with it for a while while our moms gabbed away. It's nice that we get to play now instead of being in our own strollers.

Oh- and the BEST part of my week was when grandma came to babysit me ALL day on Wednesday. She told me that I was so good the other times that she couldn't wait to see me again. I was on my best behavior for her- we got to go for a walk, play for a long time and I got to introduce her to Susan, my babysitter. My moozie thought she was a really nice lady and that I was a lucky kid to go there every day! I got to wear mom's hat- it was a little too big (and a little too pink) for me, I look silly.

Another things that I got to show Moozie was my very best book- I love to look at the babies in the book that are hiding from me. My mom is so silly- she gave each of the babies in the book a name, she says we read that book too much- I don't think so, I just like to see my friends- Tomas, Lucy, Wendy and Benjy. I also got to show grandma how I can eat grownup food- scrambled eggs and cheese and graham crackers, and how I drink from a sippy cup when I sit in my high chair. I like it when she and grandpa come because they bring Payton and I like to pet her, get (a few) kisses and watch her play with my big dog.

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ani said...

Pete- thanks for sharing about your life. I can't wait to see you again! Tell your mom and dad I say hi, okay?