Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy October

We went to the twin cities this weekend and met up with Kristen and Kendall at a cyclcocross race. Garrick and Kendall raced and Kristen, Pete, Scout and I watched. Scout was barking and pulling the entire time since he saw Garrick go by multiple times- he was sure that he should have been running with Garrick, not stuck with me!

Here is Pete sitting with his bear at 7.5 months. We've said it before- it is so amazing how fast he's grown compared to the bear- I'm glad we took pictures like this...

Peter's new play place is the oval table in our living room- there are couches on each side so he can balance/bounce between the table and the couches and there is also a drawer to play in, on and pull up on! If the drawer is open a little he can pull it out and then grab on and pull up on it. Once in a while his feet aren't far enough out so he just dangles iNstead of standing up... He likes to look in the drawer and find the toys in there, take them out and then throw them on the floor. He also can creep along side of the table and drawer.

We also want to send out good baby vibes to Missy and Paul that they have their baby this week and that it is a healthy and easy baby for them!! Can't wait to hear about it!

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vivida said...

That might be the cutest pic of Pete since the cherry box!