Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brown Bear

Last weekend, Peter got his brown bear snugli to wear this fall. If you remember, last winter he was a white bear- this must be the natural aging process.
We wore it to Perrot State Park and to the HPT race that Garrick did. This was a 12, 6, or 3 hour mountain bike race. Which did Garrick do? The 12 hour of course! He's crazy. He said it was hard but not impossible and that he'd do it again... maybe, but he'd really like to try the 6 hour also.

This is Peter feeding himself graham crackers. This is a great activity for him to do when I have one more thing that I need to do and he's not being patient! He does tend to smear the mush all over himself- hence the bib. We have also moved to drying diapers inside since it is so cold and rainy outside- that's the rack behind him. It is not great for the waterproof covers to go through the dryer, so sometimes I put the inserts in the dryer and just hang out the covers and sometimes I hang everything- our house isn't very warm so it is hard to get them dry in a day when there is no sun!

I don't know what Pete is doing here, it looks like he's doing a little dance for you all. This was taken before one of his 2 days at day care this week. The first two days Susan's daughter was sick, then he went for 2 days and then he and Susan got sick! We took him to the doctor and apparently it is just his teeth coming in- 2 more on top! He and I were talking the other day and PEte thinks that the tooth fairy should come BOTH when your teeth fall out and when they come in! It is no fun at all.

This has still not Stopped him too much though! He is learning where all of the interesting places are in our house! †he steps are the newest place. He has made it to that his knees are on the bottom step- this is so much fun to try and do!
The Holey Grandparents came to visit today- more pictures up later from that!

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vivida said...

LOL about the brown bear aging process...maybe it's related to the changing seasons??? what a cutie. ya gotta love ears on top of the head of a baby. :)