Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Fall!

We took some bubble bath pictures, the only problem was that it got really slippery in the tub so I had to help Pete balace a little!! We'll try it again in a week or two when he's a little stronger.

Speaking of strong, he still isn't crawling, just rolling, scooting, dragging... but he can push him self up to sitting on his own. I'd say this is his favorite thing to do these days. he looks so proud of himself and likes to look around and pick up his toys. He is grabbing onto the edge of tables, toys and his crib to try and pull himself up- sometimes he does it!
This baby yoga pose is the start of him sitting up usually.

We ran the Octoberfest half marathon in LaCrosse this weekend! My mom and dad also trained for it this summer and ran too so it was fun to do it as a big family. I got a new  PR (1:44) and dad also did. (He hadn't done one before!) Mom had only run a half marathon faster as a part of a whole marathon... After we were done running we just got lunch from the grocery store and then went to Myrick Park to eat, play and stretch out for a while.

Pete was glad we did that instead of going to a restaurant to eat!! My parents thought it was funny that he was "talking" so much. He is starting to yell and make noises that sound like a baby hawk- (He is going to be a Winhawk some day!)

That night we took a family walk at SMU as it was getting dark. When we got out of the car, we made the same deal we always do: Erin takes care of Pete and Garrick takes care of Scooter.

Me taking care of Pete:                    

Garrick taking care of Scout:

We are still pulling burrs off of Scout 2 days later. He sure had a lot of fun though!

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vivida said...

Poor Scouty...:( Shave the poor boy??? ;)
I like Yoga Pete. The picnic was more fun than the run. LOL