Monday, September 7, 2009

4th of july... i mean Labor Day weekend!

We went up to Garrick's parent's house this weekend for a 4th of July Party... a little late! They always have a party for the 4th, but Linka was in California and Erika wasn't in MN, so she waited until all of her kids and grandkids were in town. It was so fun to see all of the family and lots of friends that are almost family at their house- we played croquet, ate lots of good food and Pete and Benj got passed around for everyone to play with. As you can see, Pete was very tired by the end of it- but found a great place to nap.

Pete has been sitting up for longer periods of time and can push up so well on his arms and knees and is still scooting a little bit to get to toys and other key items (the dog). We were outside the other day and this is what I saw- he had pulled himself up with the toy bar and was sitting there looking SO proud of himself!

We also have been starting to use our bike trailer a little bit- we have used it for running and walking a lot this summer but now think that Pete is big enough to hold himself steady to go for hour rides or so. We biked to Trempleau along the river and through Perrot State Park, Garrick had to deal with the humiliation of me dropping him up a hill (I caught him off guard- it didn't happen again!), Pete slept and I got to take pictures, watch for traffic, and keep an eye on Pete.

Summer is officially over, school starts tomorrow and Pete starts day care 5 hours a day, 5 days a week- wish us luck!!

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vivida said...

Looks like Pete found a pretty comfy place to nap with Grandma. :) It also looks like Pete is getting ready to get up and move the bouncy chair to any location that suits his fancy. It may be time to store the bouncy chair away. LOL