Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We went to Devil's Lake for the triathlon as we do every year. Last year, Pete and I watched- I was so tired and didn't think that I would be able to haul myself up and down the hills... This year I didn't have an excuse so the racers were me and Garrick and my dad!
It wasn't as cold as it can be at the start, but it was still pretty chilly! Pete was bundled up and checking out what was going on. He was a little overwhelmed by all of the people and was not his usual smiley self. I think he is learning the whole "stranger" thing and that gets him once in a while.
The swim went really well for all three of us! There were very few waves, the sun was out and no one got stuck in a big mob getting splashed. My dad gets the prize for the best swim out of the group.
The bike is hilly- there are no hills as big as the one at Trinona, but there are 3 or 4 BIG climbs and a few smaller ones. Garrick has been biking so much this year that it was no big deal to him and he def gets the prize out of the three of us.

The run is flat, out and back, and through a campground. I got the prize for the best run out of the group- under 23 min! However....

Garrick is the only one of us that got an actual prize! He placed 2nd in his age group which is one of the toughest groups- lots of fast young guys! He also was 22nd overall. Not bad considering he didn't practice swimming at all and has run only once in a while this year.

Pete got the orange eater award- we thought it might hurt his tummy, but he loved the slices and just sucked and sucked on it. (That is Paul holding him- one of the ski patrolers- he and Joni and Sue came to watch the race and hang out for a while- so fun to see them :) )

Can't wait til next year!!

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The Holey's said...

I love the pouty lip on Pete. Nice job Garrick!