Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer in September

We are still having cool foggy mornings, but the afternoons are so warm and sunny, we got to be out a lot this weekend in the sun at our neighborhood block party and we went out on our neighbor's pontoon boat this afternoon. We said we could have skied since it was so warm though!

Pete even got to help Tom AKA "Old Man Nelson" drive the boat! We couldn't find a brimmed hat so the Pooh hat made another appearance... the kid is going to be wearing that hat until he is 6. He also got to hang out with his "favorite friend" Julie. 
He also has graduated from sitting in his car seat in the grocery store to sitting in the cart- I think that he's a little scared though... he hangs on pretty tight. But he does like to look around, see all of the colors and people and grab at everything that I'm putting in the cart. 
We have been feeding Pete solid food for a few months now, we have been using his bouncy chair or bumbo and are sitting on the floor or putting him on the table (not a very safe idea, since he can crawl out of both) so we started to look for a high chair that we liked. We didn't want plastic since we are going to have it around for a long time and the wood options are limited. Garrick's mom offered us HIS high chair- a chair that grows with the kid- The use them at her house as regular chairs... but it didn't have the cushions or the high chair rail- SO we got to work- we bought them ($80!!) and realized they didn't work with such an old chair- so Garrick made the bar and I made the cushion. We just have to add the webbing and a seat belt and we are set to go! We love the chair- it just sits up to the table. 
Now, I know every mom says that her baby is the cutest, smartest, sweetest... but Pete really is!! He figured out (with the help of his grandpa ida) how to send his mama flowers at school on my first day back! I wasn't totally thrilled about going back, and was worried about how Pete was doing and in the middle of the day a bunch of sunflowers (my fav) and a note came to me! The note said- "I'm OK mom, BUT HURRY! love, Pete." 
SEE-- I DO have the smartest, sweetest, cutest, most loveable little boy in the world! :) (My dad isn't too bad either!) 

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vivida said...

Yes he is....sweet, loveable, cute!!!! I am glad "The Hat" has made an appearance again. It made us smile.