Friday, September 4, 2009

Good bye summer

We have started to use our bike trailer on short trips around town- once in a while we get crazy and use the tandem with it- we get a lot of funny looks- that's for sure!!
Pete has started day care this week, it is going pretty well... we both have our days that we are lonely I think- but 10:30- 3 isn't such a long day!! 
He's taking more and more interest in the animals- he pets, pulls and smiles and yells at poor Scout, but Scout is so happy to lie and take it as long as he get some licks in too!!

We had some speical visitors from CA!! Erika, Bobby and Benj came to visit us for the day in Winona- they came back for the MN state fair and a family/friends visit. We took a walk around WInona, went to the playground for Ben to play at and had dinner at Bubs. It was so fun to see the kids and how different they are at just one year apart. We are going to the cities this weekend to visit some more with them and the rest of Garrick's family. 

Pete is now able to sit up pretty well on his own and suck his thumb- he is also scooting all over the place. He can roll to get to whatever he wants to and is also starting to push his feet up under his butt to push himself forward.  

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vivida said...

Look at those BIG eyes. He's looking like a big boy.