Monday, August 24, 2009

T-Rex goes camping

Suck my thumb or play with my feet or take a nap? I'll just do all 3!!

The little man has gone from a frog (when he was Kermit) to a lamb (all of the little bleeting noises he used to make) to a T. REX. He has 2 teeth that he shows mainly when he is mad. He can bite with them and has also used them to shave off little pieces of watermelon. He is turning into a man-killing meateater.
We went in for his 6 month appointment last week and here are the stats:
Weight: 13 lbs 10 oz
Height: 25.5 in
Head: 17 in
This puts the little dinosaur at the 3% for weight and the 25% for height and head- he is a great eater and very energetic- no worries about anything!! Here is an example of how wiggly he is:
This weekend was a busy one for us! We ran the Goodview Gallop- Garrick got a 19:29 and I got 22:29- not too bad!! and luck for us our wonderful friends/neighbors Mike and Julie were there and they watched Pete for us so we could run with out the jogger! After the race, we packed up and went to Beaver Creek Valley State Park to camp for a night. We went for a few walks, Garrick fly fished and caught a trout, I read and let Peter nap in the tent and had a campfire. Lots of the hikes went through and around streams- the water is so cold! We had to drive through a few streams to even get back to our campsite!
Early morning hike on the ridge tops.
Pete and dad enjoying the campfire.
We had questioned if he would be able to sleep in the backpack- the answer is YES!
When we got back we hung out around the house, Garrick went biking for a while and we had a picnic by the lake with our friends Chris and Lindsey and their new baby Oscar-
While it seems that the sweet little quiet frog we once knew is turning into a man eating, giggling, chomping, rolling, grabbing and somewhat ferocious T.Rex, this is proof that he is still the little tadpole that we all love to snuggle with...

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