Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AUgust Already?

Every time that I look at the calendar and see it is August, I panic a little bit- back to school soon and pete will be going for a few hours a day to his babysitter's- a mom of one of the kids in my room who loves to play "grandma" (spoil/love em- send them home). We went to visit her house and met the other kid who will be chillin' there with Peter.

Pete also goes for his 6 month appointment this week- Here are all of the things that we'll be able to tell his nurse that we do: roll back-front-back-front etc..., eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, avacado, bananas, rice cereal, sit up alone, laugh, turn to find objects, reach for objects, scoot to get a toy. He also recognizes me and Garrick for sure and when I go in to get him in the morning he gives me the biggest smile. We are going to "adjust" his schedule a little bit in the next month so that he can eat with me 2 times before I go to school and then have his LONG nap and solid lunch at Susan's house and then a bottle when he gets up. So far it's been working out alright- we get up a little earlier (6:15-6:30) and then also go to bed a little sooner too (7:30ish). This will be nice so I can get a lot of homework done after he goes to bed!

The garden has been growing like crazy- we have been eating a few tomatoes a day and have already started to can them to be used this winter in soup and chili- YUM!

Ani also came and visited which was such a special treat since she lives so far away (Utah)! We went for lots of walks, picked apples, made apple sauce, went to Pete's swim lessons, swam and just got to spend a lot of time talking and playing with Pete. (We were pretty busy and didn't take too many pictures!)

Pete also has started his swim lessons this week. We go for 30 mins every day. Travis is his swim coach and we do all sorts of things- play ring around the rosie, go for walks in the shallow water, find rings on the bottom of the pool, float on our tummies and backs. We'll take pictures this week and put them up later! Pete's favorite part- I think- is that he can walk in the water because it makes him lighter!


Ani said...

yay! I made the blog! It was so great to spend time with you all. Thanks for all the fun!

vivida said...

Lookit how big Pete's eyes are! LOL