Friday, August 14, 2009

6 months old

Check out the Long's Peak update below- it is in JULY, but I just finished it today...

Peter is going to be 6 months old. We've come a long way since our first bear picture that I had to prop him up next to the bear. He is sitting up nicely next to the bear, reaching for the bear, and eating the bear.

We also got a new toy to try out with him, I wish that I had gotten it way sooner, but this sling will actually work to carry him for another year or so on my hip. He is still small enough that we can try a few different carries- this is called the kangaroo carry- his feet are scrunched up by his chest and he is all snuggled in, but he can still lie in it and sit a few different ways. It's kinda hot, but works well for walks at night.

Speaking of walks at night, we walked up to the lake last night and took Scout to do his favorite activity- DOCK JUMPING (well this is after eating) but he always has so much
fun! We took some action shots of him.

Scout is also discovering the joys of having a baby learning to eat in the house. We don't have a high chair yet, so we sit on the floor with Pete in his bumbo or bouncer and eat that way. Scout is usually around and I went to go and get a washcloth to clean Pete up, but Scouty had beat me to it!


vivida said...

I love the Bear series, and Payton is sooo jealous of Scout. Between the dock jumping and Pete cleanup....:)

Missy said...

Scout looks so much like Wilson! We've gotta get these dogs together!