Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How we roll...

Pete and I have started to settle into our summer routine... I get up, he gets up about 30 minutes later, we have breakfast, play for a little while and then go for a walk with Scouters or a run on our own before it gets hot. Then we come home and play for a while. We decided to try and move his map time back a little bit so that his day was a little more evenly split up. That means that we now nap at 11:30 or 12 (or even a little later if we are having too much fun!!) until 2ish. 

So that means that sometimes we have to have a little snack picnic when we are out and about!! Sllluurrrppp... AHH!
Then go and play to burn off some more energy. He loves to run on these bridges- it gives me a heart attack since he falls half of the time. His face totally says- chill out mom! I'm doing just fine!

Sometimes we have a little too much fun and fall asleep on the way home from whatever park we picked that day. There are 3 really nice parks in Winona-the big park next to the lake, in Goodview at the elementary school and there is a little park just a mile further on the park path that we really like to go to since it isn't as crowded. Now, our routine can be edited and sometimes we go to the beach instead of the park to play which is just as fun. Petey loves to watch the other kids, play in the sand and get taken out to the deep water and swim around.


vivida said...

He looks like such a big boy drinking form his straw, and a little devil in the second pic and an angel in the third. :)

Amy said...

sounds very similar to our routine! its fantastic isnt it??