Friday, June 18, 2010

Race for a Cure and other summery stuff


 Well I lost my camera for a week or two so I have very few pictures to share this week and on top of that life has been more than a little crazy- more about that later. 

We went to race for a cure with my mom for what is probably the 12 or 14th year in a row- it is such a great day and so very inspiring to see all of these strong women banding together. We also like to spoil Mooze a little and have some fuN!! 

 Here she is with her support team laughing at grand-dan of course! 

Jackson also celebrated his 2nd birthday that day, so our day just continued with more fun. AFter that busy weekend I stayed in Baraboo to help Bluffview out with immersion. We camped at Devil's Lake and of course it rained! Petey stayed on his first overnight without mom or dad and loved it!

After all of this life started to get crazy. Garrick was on the roof of our new little shed in the backyard- remember the concrete? and slipped and fell. No big deal right? He is on ladders all of the time for work- well this time was his bad luck, he cut his left hand pretty badly on some sharp flashing on the way down and cut through the tendon on one of his fingers... this means he had surgery, a month of taking it VERY easy and no biking... I think that and the fact that he can't change Pete's dipes very well are 2 of the hardest things for him. He is so tough though- we were at the hospital all day today and he had the nurses laughing at him and loving him- my dad came to watch pete- it was so nice to not worry about what he was up to and to know he was having fun! Garrick says that he will take a picture of his finger on Monday at his check-up for all of you to see!

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