Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We had a great week this week, we helped out a little and went to the Team Vogel vs. Cancer race/fundraiser, watched some kickball and checked out the silent auction.  There were tons of people there and I think that they were really happy (and tired) by the end of the day!! 

Then we went to Buckhorn for a few days to see these girls: 

who I haven't seen in a group since I was pregnant with Petey- proally about 2 years! We went to the beach and swam, made pizza and got filled in and caught up on what it is like to drive a science lab around the state of Utah, help birth calves and how the star spangeled celebration was this year. It was well worth the trip to see them, like my dad said when they left, "well, THAT was a nice visit!"

While Pete and I were there we went swimming a bunch of times at the lake, he loved everything about it from the shallow water and splashing, to being carried out into the deep water and going down the slides into the water. What a little fish!!
We also went for a hike at Devil's Lake of course and explored on the rocks for a while there as well.
I am pretty sure that Petey is learning about the striations on the rocks and how the glaciers created those and Devil's Lake from his ranger grandpa!

The last time Petey was at my parent's house we got him up early the first day and after that it just got earlier and earlier- I think he was a little nervous when he woke up in a new place and didn't want to hang out on his own- however, this changed! He slept so well and went to sleep without a peep at naptime and bedtime which is great, it just makes life so much easier when you don't have to worry about that.

He is so funny, at home he regularly reaches into his crib and pulls out his animals and loveys that are in there. But he can't get to them at grandma's house since he is in a packnplay. He figured out a way to rescue them though, but he just needs to be rescued!!
He crawls up on the bed and then just flips himself in to get his little friends! We've said it once... and we'll say it again.... what a little monkey.
It was so nice to come back home, but we had just the best time playing "bahk-bahl", swimming, eating cherries, going for bike rides, "gooo"-ing down the slides and playing in Grand-dan's truck and trailers. He is loved and spoiled completely when he is there!

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