Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 weeks, a haircut, a playdate and a train...

 4 weeks old already! She is sleeping 5 hours at a time at night, has taken a few bottles and is getting better at holding her head up. When she is in her bouncy chair she is watching the aminals that dangle and is very good at letting us know when she doesn't like where we leave her.

 I finally gave up on cutting Pete's hair myself. I was getting tired of him looking like a little Amish kid so we went to the professionals. She did a really good job and I am tempted to try it again after seeing what she did... We'll see! Petey sat on my lap and had a sucker and didn't cry at all!
 Emi and I went to our first playdate! We got to hang out with our friend Jenny and Tessa for the first of many days! Tessa is 1 week old and makes Emi look big! Jenny and I ran together in college- we were saying that it is crazy that 10 years ago we didn't think we'd be hanging out like this.
 So we were walking down by the river, playing fetch wtih Scout, and Pete's face just lit up!

choo choo train!! They normally aren't down there but today was our lucky day!

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vivida said...

Look at how big Emmie looks!
Look at how cute Pete looks.
Look at what a good babysitter Scout is.
And, please, leave the haircuts to the pros! ;)