Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steppin Out

 We got to the pool this week- don't worry- Emi didn't swim- not this time at least! But Petey had the best time ever swimming! He loves to kick, splash, just off of the edge, float- just about anything- you name it and he's game- he even doesn't mind getting dunked. I wouldn't say it is his favorite but he doens't cry.
 Emi and I sat on the edge and watched- well I did, she slept!
 We also went to Holzinger's for a hike and found some really big leaves!!

 2.5 week bear picture!
One of the reasons that I wanted a girl- to stick big flowers on her head while she is still defenseless!

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vivida said...

Pete looks like he's having a blast swimming. Look back at Pete's pics w/ the bear...Feb/March 09. Emmie and Pete bear a striking resemblance. :)