Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I feel really behind so here is a little mish-mash of our past week- a newborn, the stomach flu (x2) and Garrick going to Iowa for a day for work doesn't lead to a clean house or an updated blog- I am working really hard today to get both completed. (The 6 loads of laundry are the next thing on my list)
 What do you get when you have a chicken, a cow and a lamb all under your control? One tired farmer! Kim got Pete his costume- same as she did last year- LAST YEAR- we hadn't even started to talk about owning chickens at this point- but it was pretty funny that it ended up that way.
 Mike carved pumpkins for the kids!!  and Garrick and I did ours as usual too!
 All of the neighborhood kids!!
 Petey loved trick-or-treating! He would say BOO or make his chicken squawk at each house, hold out his bucket and then go thump,thumping down the sidewalk. I think that we hit up 7 houses (2 or 3 of them twice) and his bucket was FULL- our neighborhood ROCKS- that's all I have to say about that! (Garrick and I appreciate the copious amounts of candy- for all Pete knows, they were putting rocks in in pail)
 Pete is getting so much more gentle with his sissy- he loves to lay next to her on the floor, give her kisses and pat her head- I still jump up to supervise, but I am so proud of him and how fast he is learning!
 One of our first walks of many down by the river- Scout is rolling in a dead duck or eating fast food wrappers in the background most likely! Pete is getting used to sharing a stroller with Emi, he isn't hitting her or pulling on her all of the time- as long as he gets the big blanket and she gets a little one!

And a little baby butt to brighten your afternoon!

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