Friday, May 6, 2011

Goats, Owls and Swings

While Garrick has been gone in Kansas for a few weeks we went to ga-ga and cpt-dns house for a little RnR.

 Mom loves to read Owl Moon with Pete. He likes it too. Every year they have owls that nest across the street. We were playing upstairs and happened to look out the window just as the owl flew by- Pete thought it was very cool-
 They then bundled up to go across the street to see if they could find the owl. No such luck but they did give it a good shot! I think that he is able to put the idea from the book into real life- that there is an owl living across the street and they can go and look for it- not many kids are able to have that experience- pretty nice if you ask me!
 We also went to the park and zoo in Baraboo one day and fed the goats, said hi and hee-haw to the llama- Petey thought it looked like a donkey, and ran up and down the big hills that are there.
 We also played at the park- not surprising to anyone digging was one of the best parts of the day!
Emelia also liked the swings and sitting in the warm green grass. (I like that too!)  

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