Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grow little garden grow!

It has been such a cold spring this year that I have been super behind in my gardening. I think this is the first year that mother's day came and went that I didn't have some thing in the ground but until last week there were still frost warnings most nights. I think that we are in the clear now though - I sure hope so because as of 9PM I have everything in the ground!! We borrowed a friend's tiller today which saved me 3 days of digging and the ground is way nicer that it would have been if I had dug it up. thanks a million times!
 The kids and I went to HyVee to get the rest of the plants that I didn't get at Pork and Plants this year. I wanted to keep it simple this year- lots of tomatoes, no vine plants and more flowers this year.
I have 16 tomato plants- some early, some late, a few cherry and pineapple tomatoes which I think are a new hybrid but look to be beautifully colored and hopefully delicious!!!
Then, 2 rows of broccoli, 2 rows of peppers (1 hot, 1 not), 3 rows of spinach, 2 1/2 rows of beans, romaine lettuce, basil, cilantro, sunflowers and zinnias. I think that's it? Oh, and of course the raspberry and strawberry plants. And my 8 stalks of aspargus that are popping up- No peas this year- the chickens took their spot and no cucumbers- I made 1/2 of the garden be tomatoes instead of a long row on the outside- I'm not sure how I'm going to like it but I can always switch back next year. Peter helped me dig and plant most of the plants which he liked doing and Emelia laid out in the laundry shade and watched us and chewed on Sophie the Giraffe. Today was a great day- 8 more days of school and we are set to do this every day!!


vivida said...
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vivida said...

You always amaze me, Erin. You could be a pioneer woman: gardening, canning, sewing, knitting socks. I am now beginning to believe in reincarnation, cause you must have learned this in a previous life. Certainly not from me. ;)