Monday, May 16, 2011

It's not a fire...

It's flowers! We used to read lots of books when I was a kid that were made of 20 words or less when I was learning to read and one of the books was about the forest animals being all worried about a fire coming but when they got to it it was a beautiful field of flowers...

The week of picture taking with flowers started at our house- some pictures turned out pretty well- I love the one of Emi playing with the grass- she loves to roll around in it and feel its texture. I wish I had tried one more time, but now the tulips are past their prime so tomorrow might be the last shot for some so-so pictures.
Some pictures didn't turn out quite as well.
Pete helped me do some yard work and get new grass planted (not a flower but the same idea- in the last week it has started to grow which makes me almost as happy as my flowers do).
We went to the park by the lake and also took advantage of the flowering trees and stuck Emelia up in one for a little picture shoot.

Pete of course informed me that it was "pete's toorn" so up into the tree he went and this is what I got before he tried to jump from his 4 foot perch.
And then we even got one of dad and his two kids that was okay except for the shadows. We sure do love our little family!

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vivida said...

Emelia has such a beautiful complexion!