Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventures with Friends

On the last day before I started teaching I opened my own little daycare center at my house. Kids were in and out all day long and it was AMAZING. I can't wait until Pete and Emelia are a little older and they can really have their friends over to play all summer long and that our yard is FULL of toys at the end of the day, numerous freezie pops have been consumed and everyone is exhausted. Until then, I'll take this :

 Our day started off with my friend Brianna dropping her twins off while going to a quick drs appt. It was like having triplets (they are 2 months younger than Emelia) lucky for me all 3 girls were AMAZING and didn't cry a single tear.
They were too busy playing! Peter was a big help to me as well and brought me toys and played alone or with the babies. He was sure to point out though which baby was his. (Cute story: The other day he was a little grouchy and we were dropping off paperwork downtown in the stroller. Another kid peeked in at them sitting in there and said BABY- Peter said "go away! MY baby" Guess he is getting to be a little protective of Miss Emelia?)

The twins were picked up and a little later Julia and Claire and Shana (their mom) came to play.

 Peter and Julia played in the pool and went down the slide all morning...
 Emelia and Claire played in the shade. 
 Pete loves to sit in baskets and flip them over for a diving platform!

BUT best of all...

 The big kids ran hard and got to cool off with a special treat!

Thanks Julia and Claire (and Shana)---- we have had the best summer playing with you!


vivida said...

LOVE the picture of Julia and Pete in the cabana. They look like royalty. :)

Amy said...

this post is what summer is all about! you have the best yard for swimming, playing and relaxing!