Monday, July 25, 2011

Buena Vista Park

Friends of mine own a small shop in Alma WI that sells handmade/ WI made items and asked me if I would love to sell some of my baby dresses/hats/aprons there. If you are ever in the area- PLEASE stop in and say HI to Susie and Angela. It is absolutely gorgeous in there and there are lots of fun things to check out!

So, I hadn't been there in a long time since they had opened, and thought we should check it out. So, last weekend when it was particularly hot and steamy, we loaded up and went to Alma to see them and to have a picnic at Buena Vista Park in Alma.

It is up on top of the bluff at the very edge of it and over looks the Mississippi River and lock and dam 4. I bet that on a day without 80% humidity you would almost be able to see all of the way to Winona... that day maybe a few 100 feet.

We took a super nice family picture...

And some cute ones of the kids!  It is slowly cooling off here but we figured out the BEST way to beat the heat and got air conditioning installed in our house! It was a long time coming, but oh so worth it!

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vivida said...

Your kids are dressed so cute! Love the pic of Emi with the "face scrunched". What a nice surprise to see all the blogs this week. A great way to end a LOOONG day at work.