Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Safety Week!

It is fire safety week this week and that means that the fire station had their open house the other night. All of the fire fighters were there and were so super friendly to the kids- letting them in the truck, try on hats and boots and showing them all over the fire house.

They also had their 100 foot tall ladder truck out and working that day- with a friend of our climbing up and down the ladder- Peter did ask if he could do it... maybe next year buddy! The other thing he wanted to do was use the firepoles that were all over the station- the guys were going down them all night- it was super fun to watch!!

 We did get to sit in the trucks and pretend to drive though!
 Peter loved meeting Sparky or "Nero" -- from the Clifford books-- as we called him! Emelia... not so much, she just stared at him and gave him the stinkeye the entire time we were nearby!
 Peter got his own fire hat- see below-- and got to try on a real fireman's hat.
 Practice using a fire extinguisher- a skill all 2 year olds need!
And finally just getting to see the BIG trucks.

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