Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GRB state park

One of our favorite parks to go to nearby is Great Rivier Bluffs. It is a great place for Peter to go to as well because most of the hikes are a little flatter or shorter so he can walk or bike the entire way. Garrick's family came to visit this weekend- by family we mean Greg and Linka and Bill and Jean- and we went up for a hike at the park and come home for lunch, a few presents for Em's birthday and then played outside until PAST naptime.
 Peter got a new bike- we found it used at a garage sale- his old bike's axels had bent and he got a flat tire as well- if you ask him about it he'll tell you that he has two bikes!
 The whole group at a beautiful overlook! We came here one time with my dad and it was SO foggy and overcast that you couldn't see ANYTHING down below- here's what it looks like dad!



And then just a shot of the sweetest baby EVER.

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