Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for a bath

Last week we were playing down by the lake at my parent's house, it was starting to get dark and colder but Pete kept splashing in the water and throwing toys in the lake. Finally he threw one far enough that my dad had to get into a boat to grab it- Payton and Pete both slithered their way into the boat and Pete was leaning WAY over the edge playing in the water...

PLOP! I'm sure you guessed it already. Hearing him tell the story is even funnier, "I playing in the ought-ter and fell in... grapdan GOT me!" He thought it was both funny and scary- The muck in his hair was just the beginning of it... .

Emi had to have a bath while we were there too- their bathroom is under construction so the sink had to work for her!

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