Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Over Christmas break I cleaned and threw away and reorganized Emi's room to change it from the "spare 'oom" to a fun play place for the kids and a nice place for her to sleep.

I'll show you the fun parts of her room one at a time to draw this out, but this is one of the kid's favs!

Garrick stole borrowed repossessed  this piece of old heavy slate from his parent's house and then made a beautiful chalk tray and frame for it. We are using sidewalk chalk on the board right now, but actually it works better since they are always dropping the chalk all over the place..

 Emi likes to stand there and make thousands of little vertical lines. Peter is a little more productive. He l ikes to decorate drawings that I make, draw his own "race tracks" and trace letters that I make in dots. He is also starting to make the letter 'P' and some shapes on his own up there. He also likes to drag a parking garage over to the board and drawing in the upper upper corners of the board as well. I'm really surprised at how much he likes to do this. He normally doesn't really like to draw and write

Also- do you see how tall they look? 
1. Peter is really shooting up, he looks like a giant next to little Emi.
2. Emi is also shooting up, I knit her those little brown pants this week. I thought I had measured her right to make them long enough but maybe she grew? Not to sure about this.

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Analiesa said...

Wow, they are super tall! I remember having so much fun writing on my family's chalk board when I was little. Thanks for bringing back the good memories. And, ps, nice work on knitting those pants- they look great!