Monday, February 27, 2012

Hang on Girlfriend!

As Grandma Vivi says, Emi is really starting to come into her own. But it is true! She has gone from the baby that wouldn't crawl, walk or roll over to the kid at playgroup that the teachers say- man you are going ot have to watch her! She is fearless!

She is up and down the stairs all over our house- I have found her in the basement checking things out- I think that she followed the cat down there on one occasion- and she also can swing her little leg up and over the double step we have that is supposed to be keeping her on the first floor of our house. She has been standing and rocking on the kid sized rocking chair for a long time and now is able to climb onto her rocking horse, give a few swings and a yehaw and then climb off the other side. She also loves to sit and scoot on her wheelie bug all over the house- which is a good reminder to keep that basement door shut!

She is also learning what different things mean. When I say that it is time to eat, she runs to her high chair, she knows how to go upstairs and where we change her diaper. She waves bye bye and says nigh-nigh when I say good night as well. Her favorite books are the baby flip books that Peter loved, Good-night Gorilla- she wave nigh nigh at the animals, makes a surprised face when the lady is shocked and admonishes the animals for being in the house, and any books with pictures of animals in it.

She also still likes to play with magnets, draw on the chalkboard and slide down the slide upstairs. She has started to go down on her bottom instead of her belly as well!

Hang on little one!

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