Sunday, February 12, 2012

On The BIG Chair

We went down to go skiing again this weekend and after a few trips   on the magic carpet, Pete graduated to the BIG chairs- as he put it. Lately he is all about doing what the big kids are doing- he did not like it that we were the only ones on the magic carpet, so when I finally released him to the bigger hill, he was excited. We have a little harness we put on him which is really nice for two reasons- it has a handle on the back which we can hang onto him with and also it has a rope that you can hold onto and ski behind him to slow him down. He was able to make it all of the way down the bunny hill without falling almost every time. He also was trying to make little turns to go one way or another- he has the idea down, but isn't fully able to do it yet.

We then spent Saturday at my mom and dad's house, playing inside and outside and of course had some cake!!

Peter playing with his digger that grpa dan made him... coming soon... sand pit in our yard.

Emi wearing pete's helmet- everything is a  hat these days- hats, socks, pieces of paper and she's been wearing my running bras around her neck lately.

Blowing out his candles.

Can't decide if I like this one

Or this one... Pete with his two favorite people.

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