Monday, April 2, 2012

Date Day with Granpa Dan

 A few weeks ago, my mom was scheduled to work a double shift, Garrick had plans to go out for a long ride with his buddies, so what else would my dad and I have come up with? A day in LaCrosse to hang out, ride bikes and have lunch!!
 We took little Pete on a long bike ride through the wildlife refuge- we saw TONS of turtles out sunning (that's what they are looking at), birds, a few frogs and 2 snakes. This brings Pete's snake total up to four. He can tell you where they all were at... One at Farmer's Park... one at grandma and grapa Dan's house and 2 on the trail.
 And played and played and played at the big playground.
 Pete's favorite was the zipline. He could hang on all of the way across on his own!! What a little monkey.
We had such a fun day!! Next time we go, we'll go when the nature center is open to see the bees and the bullfrog.

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vivida said...

Love the pic of Pete and Granpoo's backs and Emi looking backwards.