Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Spring

 Spring is officially here! It has been warm some days, rainy some others and HOT some other days. There were a streak of days in March that were all over 80*! We have been living outside, playing in the sandbox, riding bikes and just having fun. Jack came to visit us overnight. We had the best time.
 I had heard that the chapel at SMU had been redone so I wanted to pop in quick on my own to take a look- nope instead the whole crew came in and the boys even picked out a seat!!
 Here it is-- looks nice!!
 Emi enjoying my tulips.

 Searching our the easter eggs at Grandma Linka's house! Pete just loved it all, but Emi was content to pick up one at a time and follow Peter around the yard.


vivida said...

I love the pics. Look at Pete and Emi cooperating witht he Easter Eggs! SO cute.

Barb said...

Great pictures. Isn't it so much fun to watch them develop a relationship? Sammy was so good about helping Eva get eggs this year. I have a hard time believing an Easter egg hunt could ever be more fun next year, but you never know.