Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 18 Months to Emelia!

Emelia is 18 months today!

Playing with her friends Hannah and Claire

She is nearly in the 50%ile for her weight and height-- she has come a LONG way from the baby that wasn't even on the growth chart for months and months. She has lots of teeth and her hair is finally long enough for pigtails or a little tiny ponytail.

She is eating with a spook and fork and is learning to use a regular cup. Her favorite things to eat are cheese, fruit (strawberries, blueberries, watermelon) and crackers. If we have desert after dinner she usually gets a little graham cracker with a smear of ice cream on the top! She does not like eggs.

When we are inside she loves to read books, play trains, drive trucks and play with the farm animals. She can stack blocks 5 or 6 high with a little help and can pick out some of the animals if you ask for a specific one. She also loves to chase the dog and the cat around. She loves her rocking horse and rides it from one end of the rockers to the other!! She and Pete love to wrestle and play together, but I need to be there "helping" otherwise she ends up crying... :)

When we are outside, she likes chalk, climbing up the stairs and the ladder to the slide, playing with balls in the yard and pushing things. She also spends hours in the sandbox. She loves to dig and fill up buckets and trucks and then dump them out! Playing with water is also a favorite activity. I bet that she is going to love the pool this summer!!.

She is starting to talk- sometimes  just long sentences of jibberish, but she makes some animals noises (lion, dog, owl, cow) and can say hi, mama, peter, dada, dog, cat, bye bye, please, up, night night, book, cup... I'm sure there is more! Emelia knows lots of body parts on herself and on others- she can show eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, tummy (which she loves to show us and then pat over and over)... She is also a great helper- she can put things away and knows to go upstairs for bed and diaper changes and will run up there on her own.

She is an absolute joy and we always say that she is the nicest baby ever- when I read this list though, I'm realizing she isn't such a baby anymore!

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vivida said...

She is such a nice baby!! She actually looks like pete in the last picture. HI , Emi