Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pic-Cole Pees

 This is what we've started to hear every time that the fridge gets opened. Pete comes running and hopes that the pickle jar gets opened. I came home to Garrick and Peter sitting on the kitchen counter eating pickles out of the jar. Pete was really really thirsty for the rest of the day...
 Our knitting night group has just about doubled in the last month! Bri had her twins in January and we've met Claire- Shana's baby before. The twins (hannah and claire) are still teeny tiny- just about 5 pounds each- which makes Emi and Claire look HUGE. In the past month or so the amount of work that gets done has decreased as the number of babies present has increased!

1 comment:

vivida said...

1) Now, really....who DOESN'T like pickles and milk??? ;)
2) Who'da thunk that Emi could actually look BIG??
3)Love the pic of all the lil girlies. :)