Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to Pete!

Pete is now 2 years old! In every sense of the word he is growing up, he is talking non-stop, climbing on top of everything and can do so many things on his own. He puts his cup in the sink when we are done eating, he knows which books he likes on the book shelf and picks those out regularly, he will answer yeah and nonono to questions correctly and can put up to 4 words together at a time. He doesn't like when we wear coats in teh house- "coat off" and will even le tme know which of his coats he wants to wear that day. Playing outside in the snow has become fun for him- sledding, driving trucks and eating it are the top three. Inside we like to play with trains, cars and trucks, trains, duplo, trains, play-doh, trains and reading books. I'd say that Pete's favorite toy is his brio train set... He knows about 7 or 8 of his letters and points them out when we are out and about and all of his colors. He likes to call "ga-ga" (Grandma) on the phone but isn't into talking to her these days like he used to, but he likes to listen. He throws "peass" (Please) onto the end of most requests and is sure that is an instant go. Every morning he sits on the counter while I make him breakfast- oatmeal is his #1 choice and he rips open, dumps and pushes the buttons to cook it. He goes to college 4 days a week for 3 or 4 hours a day. He prays before dinner and yells Nay-ne at the end (AMEN!) At night he takes a bath- sometimes wearing ga-goos (goggles) and then we read a few books (any trains, the mitten and katy the steamshovel) and he gives kisses, and says na-nigh. He is the apple to my eye, the cat to my pajamas and the salsa on my taco. We love you monkey man!

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