Friday, February 11, 2011

A lifetime of valentines

My senior year of college I must have had on conversation about what the point of Valentine's Day was... Kimberly took it upon herself to set me up with a card that laid it out for me- and maybe Garrick to encourage him to celebrate it with me! Anyhow, that same year on the news my mom saw a story about these two little old ladies that had been sending the same card back and forth for the last 60 some years with a little note written on the card and the year. I thought that was just the nicest story and so as of this year Kim and I have sent the card back and forth for 7 years. It's not 60 but it is a great start and even though it is a sigh of relief each year that I mail it off it is such a nice reminder that I for sure have a life long friend! (Reminder to myself: it is in the left drawer in the TV room)


vivida said...

Such a big smile on that lil Valentine. Yes, you have a great treasure in Kim. :)

Deb said...

Love that big smile! She is such a cutie.