Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 Party at school! Last weekend Peter's school had a winter open house that the "big" kids put on. They had all sorts of games for the kids to play- put the nose on the snowman, a cupcake walk, bowling- basically they were just getting mad at the little kids that didn't know how to do it and follow the rules. But it was fun to get out of the house for a while and let Pete show us around college for a while.

 Emelia is getting to be such a big girl with lots of smiles, little giggles and personality! She also has started to roll over both directions once in a while- it usually is after you are watching her for a while and then look away that she does it. That's about it- we've all been sick this week so there has been lots of reading books, watching netflix and baths to relax in- not such a bad thing but it is nicer to do them when you feel good! 

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