Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do...

 Playtime at our house is always fun- Emelia is getting such a kick out of watch Peter play and he is getting into trying to make her laugh at him. He walks up to her and says "hi, hi hi emi..." It is probably exactly what I do to her- he also says- bubububub to her which I also do. Monkey see, monkey do!

 Garrick skied the Birkie last weekend and did pretty well! It would have been fun to go up to watch, but without a place to stay and a guarentee of warm weather we decided to head south instead to Dinn's and Ga-ga's house (Pete has moved onto calling my dad - Dan- or Dinnn) for a weekend of playing and skiing. Pete loved it again and the next day was equally as fun since we got a visit from our cousins Jack and Thomas! I of course took very few pictures but I did take a video of the boys playing that I will try to put up later on.
The kids also had their 2 year and 4 month appointments this week. Emelia is 10 1/2 pounds (5%) and 24.5 inches (75%) and Pete is 24.5 pounds (5%). Both are doing just fine and following their growth curves just about perfectly!

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