Monday, March 28, 2011

A good good weekend

This week we have had a lot of fun- it is amazing what nice weather and not being sick will do for you. I have also tried to take a lot more pictures since there was a little bit of a drought and I have cute kids. So here is our weekend in pictures!! Enjoy!

 Nothing better than an empty laundry basket- about a week's worth of diapers had just been done and this was the alternative to Petey plowing through my nice organized piles.

 Maybe the only thing that is better is a good hour of choo-choo trains with the 'big track' that grpa dnn made pete for his birthday. We don't drag it out all of the time but when it is out it is a significant event. We like to track the battery powered trains and run them on it and stand over the track to let it go 'under'-- by we I mean Pete.

 Our friends had a "dirty 30" party out at Whitewater State Park in honor of all of the old men and ladies changing centuries this year- lots of kids, fires, food and fun!!

 We have been going down to the river and playing under the interstate bridge a lot... this sounds lame but it is a big green space for Pete and Scout to run, and run, and run and run... Everyone that walks past just laughs and says that I sure have my hands full but everyone comes home exhausted. Pete started out just running up and down the hills but has also learned how to log-roll down them and thinks that is pretty amazing.Scout just likes it since I bring the chuck-it, a rubber ball and a pocket of treats- I actually bring 2 pockets of treats-- one for Scooter and one for Peter to get him back into the stroller when it is time to leave... is that wrong?

 We also went to the Children's Museum again- we are trying to make the most of our membership- Emi spends the whole time snuggled in and enjoys herself thoroughally and Pete has been trying out some of the different exhibits- branching out from the train table- this time significant time was spent at the pin board- BOTH ends of the pins are covered in plastic and he didn't mind me smushing his face into it!!

Occassionally when Pete and I are driving/walking around town we see a tractor, a big truck or a train and we stop to look and climb on it- and sometimes as a bonus I have my camera- BIIGGG tracor- YEAH? is when he is saying in this picture. 

 We have also realized that Emi is starting to get bigger and bigger and have both tried to spend a little extra time at night or when Petey is sleeping or away snuggling with her before she gets to be too big. Love that girl.


vivida said...

Great pictures. The pin board is downright creepy! Love the laundry basket and rolling down the hill. (Seeing the blog is a great way to start my day)

Sheila said...

So glad I found your blog! Keeping in touch with family is so important! Love the pics of the kids...I can't believe how much Pete looks like his Daddy! (and Grandpa and Great Grandpa!)