Monday, March 7, 2011

We did it!!

We finally got the kids out for a ride in the chariot in the snow on skis! Garrick had been asking me from the time before Emi was born about when we could and I said once she is pushing herself up on her arms and starting to roll over we can go- well she has rolled over a number of times and can push herself up on her arms and even tucks her knees underneath as well- she is strong enough!
Like usual, Emelia slept through the whole ride and Pete said MOre more more for all of the downhills- skiing is way for exciting than running!
We also have been out on more walks since it is getting warmer and are pretty creative with the setups- this is one of my favs.


Chris said...

you guys are such fun parents! I am so jealous and happy for you that you have a chariot! I want to get Linnea out on either skis or behind me in a chariot or sled but just havent done it yet and dont own a chariot. I know she would love it! glad the kiddoes and Garrick had so much fun!

Amy said...

Chris is actually me Amy. didnt realize my husband Chris was signed in! sorry for the confusion!

vivida said...

That picture of Emi peaking out from her Nanook of the North hood and Pete under the quilt- amazing. Glad Garrick survived the ride. If he keeps training with the double chariot, he will qualify for the elite wave at the Berkie next year. ;)