Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pete Skis!!!

took Pete skiing for the first time last weekend. We weren't sure at all what he was going to think of it but we thought that anything that didn't involve crying and screaming would qualify as a win and were ready to do it once and call it quits until he is a little bigger.  What we got was a lot of laughs, "cool dude"s and more?s. Cascade has a "magic carpet" that is a conveyor belt that you can ride up to the top of the tinyest hill ever and then cruise. We did this about 10 times in a blizzard. Now when he sees skis on our porch, on his jammies or in a book he says- skis? and if you ask if he skis he says yeah! 

I am pretty sure that I have the coolest kid EVER. (As you can see- Pete is pretty sure that he has the coolest grandpa EVER).

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vivida said...

Love it! Nice job of editing the clips together, too, BTW. Looking forward to more days on the magic carpet.