Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleep at our house

I am mainly writing this so I don't forget and can remember where we were at at this point of our life and becuase it is interesting to me how it has worked out so similarly for the two kiddos.

Here's how our sleep breaks down daily:

Emelia usually gets up around 7am, she nurses and then hangs out while Pete gets up about 20 minutes later. She is still (at about 12 weeks) taking a very small early morning nap- sometimes it is a long one and sometimes she skips it altogether- around 9-10ish. She eats then again at 10:30 and by 12:15 is out until 2. She usually doesn't wake up crying, but just hangs out in her crib and talks until I get her at 2ish. Pete on the other hand comes home from Maxwell most days at 12 and then plays for an hour and goes down for his nap from 1-3ish. We usually read a book or two and then its lights out- na-nigh- blow a kiss. I know that he usually moves around and sometimes tries a jailbreak but if he does escape he is put away again and does a good job of staying put.
The scene at our house at 2 o'clock today.

Emi sleeps for another short nap (hourish) at 4-5 and then eats and then is up until 7ish. Which is the second hour of the day that both kids are in bed! Pete goes to bed at 7 or 7:30 most days and is ready by then. He gets a bath most nights and then nighttime diaper, brush teeth and then we read 2 or 3 books usually. Lots of kisses and then na-nigh- blows a kiss and the lights are out. He  is still just on a matress on the floor but I think that he is about ready to get the full bed since he hasn't fallen out for a while that I know about at least.

See- told you he moves around- not how I left him but it works!
My favorite story about him is the time that he was up there crying and calling for us and we were letting him be. Garrick I think even asked if he should check on him and I said- nope- he's fine. Then when I went to bed, I checked on him like I always do and BAM opened the door right into the poor little munch sleeping on the floor in front of the door. We laughed until I almost peed my pants. Seriously.

Okay- to finish off our day- Emi gets up at 8ish, eats and then gets her special one-on-one time with Momma and dad. This is when she shines with lots of coos, smiles and talking. She knows what times she has to make the most of it! Then she eats right now around 10 for the last time and is off to bed until 7 the next day. She's been doing this for about 3 weeks. I think that there was one or two days that she was babbling, squawking and crying a little but that was after there were a few days that I tried to feed her at night and she wasn't intertested. Most of the ideas that I follow are out of the book Babywise which I think works great. It is funny to see what people say about it- either they LOVE it or HATE it.

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